In 1945, the first oncology institution was established in Adjara under the name Onco Point. In 1951, the Adjara Oncology Dispensary was founded on the basis of the N 1 hospital. Since 1965, the Adjara Oncological Dispensary has been adding an inpatient facility and operation, the safety of the inpatient facility (Pushkin N118) as LLC, History, Oncology Center of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. In 2012, an inpatient facility was opened. As a high-tech, multi-disciplinary medical institution named "Medcenter".

"Medcenter" is a high-tech, multi-profile treatment-diagnostic medical institution. The hospital has introduced diagnostic studies according to international standards, which is very important in the medical field, and all this allows the population to receive services according to international standards without leaving the country.