თამარის დასახლების საოჯახო მედიცინის ცენტრი

Tamari Settlement Family Medicine Center combines different directions: family medicine - services provided by the universal health care program.
Oncology - in West Georgia,In addition, the Department of Nuclear Medicine interacts with us,
where with the involvement of highly qualified specialists, you can undergo PET/CT-positron-emission computed tomography, which is the gold standard for the diagnosis of oncological pathology.
Radiation therapy department, where our patients will be served by highly experienced local and guest specialists.
Laboratory - our clinic operates a molecular diagnostics laboratory with ISO9001:2015 certificate, which performs research in various directions, Among them, oncogenotyping, which is important in the process of planning chemotherapy for oncological pathologies. Rehabilitation - Ken Walker Rehabilitation Center, high-tech research, a dedicated team of professionals and all services in one place.